Abortion Quiz

The American people have a wide variety of opinions concerning the issue of “a woman’s choice”, and many believe the Christian community in the United States is united on this issue. However, opinions on the issue vary greatly within Christendom. I hope my Abortion Quiz will help people who are undecided on the matter understand that God has a purpose for all life He creates.

Question #1

There is a preacher and his wife, and they are very, very poor. The have 14 children. The wife
finds out she is pregnant with her 15th child. The family is living in extreme poverty.
Considering their poverty, and the excessive world population, would you consider
recommending that the wife have an abortion?

Question #2

A father is sick with an immune deficiency, and the mother has tuberculosis. They have four
children. Their first child is blind, their second child died, their third child is deaf, and their
fourth has tuberculosis like his mother. The mother finds out that she is pregnant again. Given
the extreme situation, would you consider recommending she get an abortion?

Question #3

A white man raped a 13 year old black girl, and she got pregnant. If you were her parents,
would you consider getting her an abortion?

Question #4

A young woman gets pregnant. She is not married. Her fiancee is not the father of the baby, and
he is very upset. Would you consider recommending she get an abortion?


  1. If you answered yes to question one, you killed John Wesley, one of the greatest Christian evangelists of the 19th century. A man responsible for starting more churches in the USA than any other person in history.
  2. If you answered yes to question two, you killed Beethoven, probably the greatest composer of all time.
  3. If you answered yes to question three, you killed Ethel Waters, one of the greatest black gospel singers to ever live.
  4. If you answered yes to question four, you just declared the murder of Jesus Christ!