We are Lewis and Janice Beeler. We are Baptist missionaries, serving Jesus in the beautiful country of Ecuador, South America. Our ministry in Ecuador began in 2002, when our home church in Columbus Ohio sent us to Ecuador as church planting missionaries.

Since we arrived in Ecuador we started two new Baptist churches, in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador. We also worked with a struggling Baptist church in Cuenca for three years, and helped them repair the many broken relationships in their church.

We are preparing to return to Ecuador and start our third new Baptist church, as well as a Bible institute to train men for ministry as pastors, and women as teachers of women.

We also hope to start a new Christian book store, a Christian radio station, a rescue mission for drug and alcohol addicts, and re-start a pro-life ministry Janice first began in 2013.

We welcome your interest in our ministry to the people of Ecuador. You can signup to receive our newsletter by following this link.