Beelers In Ecuador

Our First Church Luncheon

On the 25th of June we hosted our first church luncheon at Pilgrim Baptist Church (Iglesia Bautista el Peregrino). We were hoping that as many as thirty people might attend, and twenty five actually came to the morning service, and stayed for lunch. Five of the adults who came were first time visitors. Jan and I were very pleased to have so many come to our new church plant that is only twelve weeks old.

Our morning service was special as well. We celebrated the Lord’s Supper. It is a little more work to have Communion in a church in Ecuador than in the USA. We have to make our own bread, and juice. I have never found a place to buy unleavened bread in Cuenca, and we can no longer buy grape juice anywhere in town. A few weeks ago Jan and I bought a crate of red grapes at the fruit market, made our own grape juice, and stored the juice in zip lock bags in our freezer. From twenty pounds of grapes we have enough grape juice for several months. I am now pretty good at baking unleavened bread. The other day when I was baking some, Jan asked me to make some extra so she could have some at home to snack on.

We hope you enjoy the photos of our church luncheon. We had a typical menu for Ecuador, baked chicken, cooked rice, potatoes, and a salad made from choclo, which is a variety of corn common in South America, and with peas, and carrots, in a sauce of mayonnaise. It was all great! We had unanimous agreement in the church to have a luncheon once a month from now on.