Beelers In Ecuador

More About the People of Ecuador

Ecuador is a multi-ethnic country with a diversity of ethnic and religious groups, such as: the mestizo (mixed peoples), the Indians (descendants of the Incas), Hispanics (descendants of their Spanish conquerors) and the African blacks, (brought to Ecuador as slaves by the Spaniards).

These various groups live throughout the four geographical regions of the country, the coastal plains, the Andean mountain range, the Amazon jungle and the Galapagos islands.

Ecuador is a country that reflects a variety of influences, due to its mixture of heritages, but the Indians practice their own native customs in their somewhat separated communities.

The official language of Ecuador, is Castilian (a dialect of Spanish), but a variety of languages are spoken by the many Indian tribes, languages like Amazonian, Quichua, Shimi, Awapit, Chapalachi, Tsafiqui, Paicoca, A’ingae, Huaotirio, Shuar-chicha, and Zaparo. The Quichua language is more widespread in the mountains and the jungle, but there is both Napo and Pastaza variants of Quichua spoken in Ecuador. The language of Quichua is not the same as Quechua that is spoken in Peru.

The established religion in Ecuador is Roman Catholicism, but there are other Christian religions that have been accepted by some groups of people. There are a number of Indian tribes in Ecuador that still worship the sun, the earth and the mountains. Evangelicals (the term used to define born again Christians, as well as the cults in Ecuador) number less than two percent of the population of the country, even though there has been continuous missionary work done by Christians in Ecuador for more that a hundred years.