Beelers In Ecuador



An evangelistic outreach ministry is critical to the success of any missionary endeavor. As a result, we spend much of our time sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Whether its handing out gospel tracts, talking to one of our neighbors, sharing Christ with a store keeper, or helping a local church with their outreach, we are committed to spending time every day of our lives sharing Christ with someone.

However, sharing Christ with the people around us is not without cost. We print our own gospel tracts because the cost is too high to import them from the USA. We plan to begin printing Gospels of John soon. We hope to give away thousands of Gospels each year. We also have a movie ministry. We use our 16′ X 9′ outdoor movie screen, along with our 400 watt outdoor sound system, with our 4,000 lumen projector, and our 30 gallon popcorn cooker to show evangelistic movies around town, and in the surrounding countryside, all free of course. All of our outreach activities cost us time and money, and we depend heavily on the prayers and offerings of Christians in the USA to help us reach people in Ecuador with the good news of Jesus Christ. Only about 1% of the all the people of Ecuador are born-again Christians.


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